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Personal Finance Guide

Tips For Trading CFD Online

By trading CFD online, you can take the advantages of price movements of global financial markets without actually buying or selling of underlying instruments directly. An upward as well as a downward price movement can be used positively in CFD trading and you can profit even when the market is falling for the underlying assets. But as every type of financial trading involves risk and proper... [Continue Reading]

The Cost of Cosmetic Treatment Around the World

Cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular as we all strive to look our best. From DIY facials at home to the ultimate in face and body makeovers offering tailor-made surgical options to nip and tuck in all the right places. Of course, looking good doesn’t necessarily mean cosmetic surgery, and nowadays there are new innovations coming to market all the time, blurring the... [Continue Reading]

Why We Should get Dental Treatment Abroad?

In these days of austerity we’re all looking to save a little money where we can. When it comes to healthcare, including dentistry, it’s not always easy to make savings as most of the time your health isn’t a negotiable subject. It’s a fact that of those of us with insurance, most of us are woefully underinsured and would have large out-of-pocket expenses if we did... [Continue Reading]

A Good Business Accountant: 6 Month End Tips

Just as you perform the daily and weekly accounting functions for your business, you also need to cope up with the monthly or end of month accounting functions in order to keep your accounting system (and your business) in good shape and well-organized. Here are 6 things you need to do at the end of each month. Balancing the checkbook is the same way you reconcile your personal checking... [Continue Reading]

Tips to Help You Save on Your Auto Insurance

Finding the right insurance provider is a hustle for many people. Even when their car insurance policies cost them a considerable sum annually, they’d rather not be bothered to search for a more affordable insurance policy. The average annual rate for car insurance is currently $900 according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This average figure has... [Continue Reading]

How to Donate Your Boat to Charity for a Tax Deduction

Donating to charity is a great way to help out those in need. Charities are created for the purpose of raising awareness about a specific cause, giving people a chance to donate their time, money, and property in order to help those affected. There are hundreds of charities people can donate to, including charities promoting awareness about specific diseases, awareness about people affected... [Continue Reading]

How to Find the Best Investment Advice

When you invest, you are putting your own money at risk. Therefore, you do not want to take investment advice from just anyone. Additionally, even though there are several places to find great investment advice, you also cannot trust suggestions just because of their source. This means you must also sort through the advice and know what to follow and what to disregard. Here are a few tips for... [Continue Reading]

How Plastic Became the New Cash

It was premature based on the statistics available at the time, but back in 2006 our favorite financial family board game Monopoly made the switch to plastic over the bright colored bills we all grew up with. Mr. Moneybags decision to dump cash was an attempt to get with the times as 70% of adults shifted more purchases to plastic than they did before the millennium. Nearly ten years after the... [Continue Reading]

Eco Property Houses - Houses Go Green

Mother Earth is becoming more sensitive to environmental pollution thus resulting in a kaleidoscope of alarming situations and raising the concerns for her protection. Though better late than never, people are taking precautions now, thus arising the trend of eco property houses. The concept of eco homes revolves around consumption of less energy for better living. Since ages, Mother Earth has... [Continue Reading]

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Personal Finance News

Personal finance website partners OCBC to offer home loan with a rate of 1.63%
SINGAPORE -Personal finance portal MoneySmart.sg will offer an OCBC Bank home loan for a limited period. From Feb 15, it will offer at fixed deposit-linked interest rate package, at a 36-month fixed deposit mortgage rate of 1.63 per cent, for the first ...

Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rate Win Streak Hits 6 Weeks
For the sixth straight week, government agency Freddie Mac reports a drop in 30-year conventional fixed rate mortgage rates. Rates for the 15-year fixed rate mortgage and the 5-year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) are lower, too. The streak is making ...

This Legal Dispute Says Everything About the Shadiness of Personal Finance Gurus
Rich Dad, Poor Dad is considered one of the best-selling personal finance books of all time. It combined the wish-fulfillment appeal of The Secret with what could be called a practical action plan in the age of easy credit—mainly, buy homes and ...

Toronto, Vancouver Home Prices To Turn Negative As Mortgage Rates Creep Up: TD Bank
The party will end in the Toronto and Vancouver housing markets this year, TD Bank says in a new report. It's a party many say has gotten too rowdy: Home prices in Toronto are up 14 per cent in a year, while in Vancouver they're up nearly 20 per cent, ...

Mortgage rate savings have been significant in UK over last two years
Image Fixed rate mortgages in the UK fell to their lowest levels in 2015, whilst the standard variable rate remained static, meaning the potential savings for borrowers have increased. Indeed potential savings have improved significantly by 50% over ...

Average 30-year mortgage rate falls to 3.65 percent
Click here to comment on this story ». Follow the Spokesman wherever you are: Facebook · Twitter · Newsletter. Subscribe. Unlimited Digital Access · Print edition home delivery. Help. Customer Service · Sitemap · Directory · Subscriber Services ...

Americans look to plastic as a personal loan
Credit card debt is becoming a staple of the American household, as more people look to plastic as a personal loan. An estimated 60% of Americans have credit card debt. That's according to the February 2016 Financial Wellness Study from Prosper ...

Personal Finance News
Small saving rates are linked to govt securities and readjusted every year. Now they will be a adjusted on quarterly basis. New interest rate framework to spare saving schemes for girl children, senior citizen. 11 Feb 2016, 12:11 PM IST. The new ...

In Personal Finance on February 13
Also on the cards is a “key feature document”, which will allow you more easily to compare information across products. This Saturday, PERSONAL FINANCE outlines developments that are expected to result in greater competition between financial product ...

Mortgage Loan Rates Continue Falling on Market Volatility
The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) released its report on mortgage applications Wednesday morning. It noted a week-over-week increase of 9.3% in the group's seasonally adjusted composite index for the week ending February 5. For the third ...

ID theft tops lists of frauds in personal finance
MUMBAI: Identity fraud and identity theft top the list of frauds in personal loan segments in India. But the good news for lenders is that cases of repeat offenders in fraud cases is on decline thanks to credit information services. Recommended By ...

Certainty leads to fresh mortgage rate cuts
The figures show that the average two-year mortgage rate has fallen by 0.02% from January to stand at 2.54%, the lowest rate ever recorded, and marking a return to form following the lack of movement last month. It's a similar picture in the five-year ...

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