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Personal Finance Guide

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Help You if You Use Them Wisely

The appeal of credit cards lies in the fact that it makes it easy to get just about anything you want. Fancy a new wristwatch? Just give your card, and it's all good. Love that new pair of shoes? Here you go. Swipe the card and you walk away with the shoes. All these are possible without spending cash. That is why it is so easy for many people to get into and continue to remain in debt. Your... [Continue Reading]

A Self-Managed Super-Fund or a Pension? What's the Best Option for You?

You might think that a traditional pension is your best option for saving for retirement, but is that really the case? If the circumstances are right, you may get better returns by starting a self-managed super-fund. While both pensions and super-funds have the same end goal of providing you with a comfortable retirement, they have very different ways of achieving these outcomes. Here is an... [Continue Reading]

Can Equity Release Help Me Pay For Long Term Care?

As we get older and reach retirement age, lots of us have to ask for help at home for ourselves, or for a partner. Whether we chose to access care at home or in a specialist setting, it costs money. Not many people have the income to support long-term care out of their own pocket, and if you're in this situation you might be looking for alternative options. One of these options is equity... [Continue Reading]

Bad Credit Isn’t Just About Loans

If you’re like the majority of people in the world, you likely never think about things like your credit score or credit report – at least not unless you’re actively trying to borrow money or buy a house, in which case your every thought probably centers on those two things. Most people think that their credit, good or bad, only impacts their lives when they’re... [Continue Reading]

MBA Programs: What To Keep in Mind before Enrolling For an MBA

Given the high competition in the current job market, earning an MBA is essential for anyone who aims to secure a top management position. A graduate degree increases your marketability and affords you the opportunity to switch careers. Thus, despite the lengthy period that one has to spend in the classroom to earn the degree, the investment made is always worthwhile. In the course of taking... [Continue Reading]

Straight Answers on Paternity Testing

When the paternity of a child is called into question, it can have all kinds of effects on every person involved. There may be pressure on the grandparents, stress on the alleged father, stress on the mother, and even stress on the child involved. Some people might choose to wallow through this stress because even the thought of an actual paternity test seems too expensive. A home paternity... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Avoid When Negotiating Wages

Negotiating a salary can be an awkward situation. There seems to be a taboo around discussing personal financial matters, especially amongst British people. We are not good at haggling – it is just not in our nature. Negotiating a wage requires nerves, bottle and a little bit of cheek. These are qualities that the top sales people tend to have. For us mere mortals,... [Continue Reading]

How much does a baseball pitcher make?

Baseball is heralded as America’s pastime and will always be imbedded into American culture. The game that simply uses a stick, ball, and glove has produced years of legendary games and iconic figures.  From Babe Ruth’s called shot to the incredible comeback of the 2004 Boston Red Sox, baseball captures our imaginations and has developed into a lucrative worldwide business.... [Continue Reading]

UseFul Tips on How to Successfully Refinance Student Loans

Today more and more graduating students are leaving college with unprecedented amounts of student loan debt to repay.  With a weak job market and an economic recovery only now starting to gain traction, some students are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to repay this debt.  Faced with the prospect of ruining their financial record before it actually begins, many... [Continue Reading]

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Personal Finance News

Is a Personal Line of Credit Right for You?
In contrast, a personal loan is best suited for paying off a high-interest debt that carries a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payment, Brown says. You receive the entire loan amount up front and it provides easy budgeting that can help you pay ...

Personal Finance: Welcome relief at the gas pump
Finally, some good news on gas prices. With the end of the summer driving season, motorists in the Tennessee Valley should soon be filling up for less than $3 per gallon, and will probably see even lower prices by Halloween. While many factors are ...

Mint Personal Finance App Now Lets You Use Touch ID as Your Passcode
The Mint Personal Finance app has been updated to let you use Touch ID as your passcode. The free Mint app pulls in all your personal finance accounts and investments into one place, so you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill ...

“Financial skills and IT security. We're doing (personal finance) business ...
“Financial skills and IT security. We're doing (personal finance) business ...

Personal Finance: Can I refinance mortgage under HARP?
Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers your questions for USA WEEKEND. I'm having a problem locating a HARP lender who will refinance my home mortgage. My remaining mortgage is around $32,000. No one so far wants to process ...

Top 4 Mistakes Which Increase Mortgage Closing Costs Unnecessarily
Another way to reduce your loan closing costs is to lock your mortgage rate for the appropriate time frame. Rate locks are typically available in 15-day increments up to 60 days, and then in 15- or 30-day increments thereafter. Mortgage lenders "charge ...

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Spike 14 Basis Points, Largest Rate Hike Since ...
30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Spike 14 Basis Points, Largest Rate Hike Since ...

Mollis' office says Fox loan hearing still not set
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - The office of Secretary of State Ralph Mollis says it still hasn't scheduled a hearing on whether a lobbyist should be penalized for failing to report a $10,000 personal loan to former House Speaker Gordon Fox. Mollis ...

Cents-Able Learning: Student-Athletes Tackle Personal Finance
"I have a love for teaching and a love for personal finance," explained Stork-Hested. "I noticed that there was nothing offered to student-athletes regarding personal finance. Finance is a big deal for everyone, but especially for athletes. I emailed ...

Secretary of State's office says Fox lobbyist loan hearing still not scheduled
PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island — The secretary of state's office said Tuesday that it still has not scheduled a hearing on whether a lobbyist should be penalized for failing to report a $10,000 personal loan to former House Speaker Gordon Fox, and it's not ...

More Women Are Taking Control of Personal Finance Decisions
There has been a significant shift in women and their involvement with their personal finances and investments during this past generation, according to a recent survey from Ameriprise Financial. The survey included women between the ages of 25 and 70 ...

Today's Mortgage Rate Strategy For This Week's FOMC Meeting
Over the last 16 years, the Fed Funds Rate and the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate have differed at times by as much as 5.25%, and by as little as 0.50%. If the Fed Funds Rate were truly linked to U.S. mortgage rates, the difference between ...

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