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Personal Finance Guide

Falling Into Debt? Click Here To Drag Yourself Out Of The Hole

Image: Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it’s certainly up there. Without it, life can feel very difficult indeed. Finance influences everything we do and is the key to greater opportunities. Sadly, once you feel yourself falling into the trap of financial difficulty, it can feel very difficult to escape. Worse still, debt is one of the biggest and most... [Continue Reading]

What To Do When Bankruptcy Is On The Cards

The Blue Diamond Gallery None of us like to think of the idea of going bankrupt. Being in a position where we can no longer even manage our debts is a scary one, and it should be taken very seriously. The emotional toll of going through this process is just as bad as the financial one. There are a few things you need to do to improve your situation as much as you can. Let’s go through... [Continue Reading]

Struggling With Mortgage Repayments? Read This

Link To Pic You’ve bought a home and you thought paying it off would be easy. But it turns out it isn’t. In fact, paying off a mortgage on a home can end up being more stressful than you ever realised. The financial pressure can weigh down on you to the point where you think you made a mistake buying. Well before you jump to that conclusion, don’t panic. Lots of people... [Continue Reading]

Watch Out For These Common Mistakes When Buying Gold

Bullion Vault Gold has an allure for humans that has lasted millennia - and is likely to last many years to come, too. However, as with any other investment, you have to be careful not to get carried away with any romantic notions when it comes to buying. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through a few different issues that crop up with regularity when people buy gold. So, if... [Continue Reading]

The Secrets To Profiting From Undeveloped Land

They say that bricks and mortar are the classic way of making money even in times of economic strife. What you might not realise is one can make a profit out of land alone! People end up acquiring land for all kinds of reasons. For example, they might get a parcel of land as part of their inheritance from a loved one. Or they might move to a new home with acres of spare land they will seldom... [Continue Reading]

How to Use a VPN to Save Money Shopping Online

These days everybody shops online. You can buy everything from an online store, and more and more people prefer to shop online instead of visiting a local store. As a matter of fact, shopping online provides a lot of benefits, including convenience, better selections, more comfort, time saving, better prices and more. As more and more people shop online, online shoppers have figured out a... [Continue Reading]

Tips For Trading CFD Online

By trading CFD online, you can take the advantages of price movements of global financial markets without actually buying or selling of underlying instruments directly. An upward as well as a downward price movement can be used positively in CFD trading and you can profit even when the market is falling for the underlying assets. But as every type of financial trading involves risk and proper... [Continue Reading]

The Cost of Cosmetic Treatment Around the World

Cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular as we all strive to look our best. From DIY facials at home to the ultimate in face and body makeovers offering tailor-made surgical options to nip and tuck in all the right places. Of course, looking good doesn’t necessarily mean cosmetic surgery, and nowadays there are new innovations coming to market all the time, blurring the... [Continue Reading]

Why We Should get Dental Treatment Abroad?

In these days of austerity we’re all looking to save a little money where we can. When it comes to healthcare, including dentistry, it’s not always easy to make savings as most of the time your health isn’t a negotiable subject. It’s a fact that of those of us with insurance, most of us are woefully underinsured and would have large out-of-pocket expenses if we did... [Continue Reading]

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Personal Finance News

REVEALED: The mortgage deals that can save YOU hundreds of pounds
... Showbiz & TV · Sport · Comment · Finance · Travel · Entertainment · Life & Style · Personal Finance · City & Business · Retirement · The Crusader · Home · Finance · Personal Finance; REVEALED: The mortgage deals that can save YOU hundreds of pounds ...

How 'Universal Banking' will change personal finance.
Tapping into this ecosystem could be the most powerful change to occur in personal finance. The financial world, which is mystical and complex to some, can now be wrangled by non-bankers and non-experts. Universal banking will ensure that everyone, ...

Analysts At Numis Reiterated International Personal Finance PLC (LON:IPF) As Buy
Today analysts at Numis reiterated International Personal Finance PLC's (LON:IPF) shares as 'Buy' in a report released to investors. According to Numiss price target of 486 on the company's stock this indicates the broker now believes there is an ...

A timeless 6-step guide to getting rich, according to a 79-year-old personal finance classic
Nearly a century ago, journalist Napoleon Hill set out to uncover the key to wealth. He studied more than 500 self-made millionaires over a span of 20 years, and his research culminated in what would become a timeless personal finance classic: "Think ...

Money Survey: Young Adults Believe Personal Finance Coursework Would Benefit Their Lives
The goal of the survey was to measure young people's opinions about the value of personal finance education relative to other coursework commonly offered by public secondary schools. The survey asked young adults to answer the following question: ...

Housing market bubble BURSTING: Top prices tumble AGAIN sparking fears of CRASH
... Sport · Comment · Finance · Travel · Entertainment · Life & Style · Personal Finance · City & Business · Retirement · The Crusader · Home · Finance · Personal Finance; Housing market bubble BURSTING: Top prices tumble AGAIN sparking fears of CRASH ...

Bankruptcies on the rise: Q&A with accountant Nancy Snedden
A personal finance and bankruptcy expert says the number of people having financial difficulty is up across Newfoundland and Labrador. The province has found itself in a difficult fiscal situation, as have some of its population. Nancy Snedden, an ...

These States Are Doing a Terrible Job Teaching Personal Finance in Schools
There's a financial literacy crisis in America, as most states aren't teaching students about money in school. Only five states received an 'A' grade when it comes to how well their schools covered finance related topics, according to a report from ...

Personal Finance: Debtors beware of 'experts'
If you are a 'debt advisor' or you are on a debt panel helping debtors face a debt-crisis, then you should understand that your response, if incorrect, will have a dire impact on debtors, perhaps even crushing their hopes. When in a debt-crisis ...

Personal Finance 101: New Financial Literacy Club Reaches Out to Alumni
Last summer, Jessica Gluck '18 received an education in the financial world. Mentored by a wealth manager at Bank of America Merill Lynch, she and a small group of other liberal arts college students learned the ins and out of financial markets, the ...

HISTORY REPEATING? Fears of ANOTHER financial crisis as borrowing reaches 11-year high
BRITISH households racked up debts at the fastest rate since March 2005 - the run up to the financial crisis - sparking fears of a borrowing bubble inflated by low interest rates. By Lana Clements. PUBLISHED: 15:10, Fri, Apr 29, 2016 | UPDATED: 15:58 ...

Forbes.com: What Prince Can Teach You About Personal Finance
Music icon Prince died without apparently leaving a will or estate plan. And while he was an entertainment pioneer and cultural trend-setter, in estate planning, he was surprisingly average, Forbes.com explains. LexisNexis reports that 55% of American ...

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