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Personal Finance Guide

Mega Ways to Manage Your Money

These days finances are tight, and it’s important to be careful with your money. You need to take steps to manage and stay on top of your finances. Too many people are too carefree with their finances these days. And this can lead to all sorts of financial problems later in life. The best way to start is to try to limit your spending. If you’re awful at regulating spending habits... [Continue Reading]

Advantages of Investing in a Roth IRA

Freedom and flexibility:One of the best aspects of Roth IRAs is the absence of a required minimum distribution (RMD). At 70½,Traditional IRAs require you to calculate all of your RMDs and take them as taxable income. If you miss anyor don’t withdraw enough, it will cost you a 50% penalty on top of your income tax. You also can’t​contribute savings after 70½ to... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Help You if You Use Them Wisely

The appeal of credit cards lies in the fact that it makes it easy to get just about anything you want. Fancy a new wristwatch? Just give your card, and it's all good. Love that new pair of shoes? Here you go. Swipe the card and you walk away with the shoes. All these are possible without spending cash. That is why it is so easy for many people to get into and continue to remain in debt. Your... [Continue Reading]

A Self-Managed Super-Fund or a Pension? What's the Best Option for You?

You might think that a traditional pension is your best option for saving for retirement, but is that really the case? If the circumstances are right, you may get better returns by starting a self-managed super-fund. While both pensions and super-funds have the same end goal of providing you with a comfortable retirement, they have very different ways of achieving these outcomes. Here is an... [Continue Reading]

Can Equity Release Help Me Pay For Long Term Care?

As we get older and reach retirement age, lots of us have to ask for help at home for ourselves, or for a partner. Whether we chose to access care at home or in a specialist setting, it costs money. Not many people have the income to support long-term care out of their own pocket, and if you're in this situation you might be looking for alternative options. One of these options is equity... [Continue Reading]

Bad Credit Isn’t Just About Loans

If you’re like the majority of people in the world, you likely never think about things like your credit score or credit report – at least not unless you’re actively trying to borrow money or buy a house, in which case your every thought probably centers on those two things. Most people think that their credit, good or bad, only impacts their lives when they’re... [Continue Reading]

MBA Programs: What To Keep in Mind before Enrolling For an MBA

Given the high competition in the current job market, earning an MBA is essential for anyone who aims to secure a top management position. A graduate degree increases your marketability and affords you the opportunity to switch careers. Thus, despite the lengthy period that one has to spend in the classroom to earn the degree, the investment made is always worthwhile. In the course of taking... [Continue Reading]

Straight Answers on Paternity Testing

When the paternity of a child is called into question, it can have all kinds of effects on every person involved. There may be pressure on the grandparents, stress on the alleged father, stress on the mother, and even stress on the child involved. Some people might choose to wallow through this stress because even the thought of an actual paternity test seems too expensive. A home paternity... [Continue Reading]

5 Things to Avoid When Negotiating Wages

Negotiating a salary can be an awkward situation. There seems to be a taboo around discussing personal financial matters, especially amongst British people. We are not good at haggling – it is just not in our nature. Negotiating a wage requires nerves, bottle and a little bit of cheek. These are qualities that the top sales people tend to have. For us mere mortals,... [Continue Reading]

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Personal Finance News

Consumer reports: How does your supermarket stack up?
What makes a supermarket great? Years ago, the answer might have been low prices, checkout speed or variety. Now another consideration is top-of-mind: “fresh.” When the typical shopper makes each of his or her 83 yearly grocery trips (running up an ...

International Personal Finance Plc Raised to Sector Performer at RBC Capital ...
International Personal Finance Plc Raised to Sector Performer at RBC Capital ...

Dale Robyn Siegel: How to lock in a great mortgage rate
To simplify the mortgage rate-lock decision, keep these things in mind: Mortgate rate lock: A guarantee that the lender will deliver a specific combination of interest rate and points if the mortgage closes by a specified date. A point is a fee or ...

US Mortgage Rate Goes Down, Still Within Historic Lows
The reported U.S. average mortgage rates for a 30-year loan and a 15-year loan dropped this week and are still near historic lows. Freddie Mac, a mortgage-finance company, says the country's 30-year fixed mortgage rate went down from 3.67 percent last ...

Give Me a Crash Course In . . . mortgage rate cuts
Did I hear that AIB has cut its mortgage interest rates again? Not exactly. But you may well have heard some talk of it. This week Allied Irish Banks' chief executive, David Duffy, appeared before the Oireachtas Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure ...

Discuss money matters before marriage
Dear Bruce: My husband and I recently tied the knot. We were both married before. Neither of us came into this second marriage with a great deal of money, but we both own a home with a large mortgage. What should happen to the money if we sell one of ...

Can You Answer These 3 Basic Personal Finance Questions? Most Young ...
Can You Answer These 3 Basic Personal Finance Questions? Most Young ...

Dave Ramsey: Personal finance is about controlling the person in the mirror
Personal finance is about controlling the person you see when you look in the mirror. Every one of us has that little 4-year-old kid inside, a little kid whose name is Immaturity, and he or she wants what they want right now. What your wife is asking ...

RBC Capital Upgrades International Personal Finance Plc to Sector Performer ...
RBC Capital Upgrades International Personal Finance Plc to Sector Performer ...

Today's Mortgage Rates Update (4/24/2015)
U.S. treasuries have inclined after the report, although strong market data did take some momentum off treasuries. Freddie Mac released its weekly mortgage rate survey reports, indicating a slight decline in national mortgage interest rates. A 30-year ...

Average 30-year mortgage rate slips to 3.65%
The average rate for a 15-year mortgage, popular with homeowners who refinance, slid to 2.92 percent from 2.94 percent. A year ago, the 30-year mortgage rate averaged 4.33 percent; the 15-year mortgage averaged 3.39 percent. The 30-year average rate ...

Mortgage: Watch certain housing trends this spring
If you want to grab a low mortgage rate, you're still in luck - but don't waste much time, because rates will eventually rise this year. These are some of the housing trends you should expect this spring. If you are looking to buy a home, get ready to ...

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