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5 Ways Accountants Can Help To Grow Your Business

Image Credit: Pixabay Once a business takes off and starts to evolve, an accountant is necessary to advance to the next level. A good accountant will almost act as your partner, albeit without a name and will help grow your company in many ways beyond standard accounting services. Here are 5 ways how accountants do that. Reduce tax bill Saving money is the first and most obvious way... [Continue Reading]

How the Policies of the Trump and May Could Affect Personal Savings in 2017

Not since the days of the American Revolution has there been a time when the leaders of two countries have been so controversial on both sides of the Atlantic. There is no reason, at this point, to hash over history as everyone knows how, why and when the US gained Independence, but oddly, the two have stayed staunch allies over the ensuing centuries. However, last year saw previously... [Continue Reading]

Favorable writing of Purchasing School Course readings On the web

A school course book is an establishment of information, which is utilized by undergrads. The new versions are printed once in a year and can be either bought on the web or through a book shop. A typical issue confronted by understudies is possibly they can't buy exorbitant reading material or they can't locate the correct versions. These are the 2 issues that understudies confront when they... [Continue Reading]

The Best Courses for English Paper composing

Dr. Johnson describes English article composing as "a free sally of the cerebrum, and sporadic, indigested piece, not a steady and systematic execution". It has in like manner been called, "the after-dinner monolog of an entrancing and all around taught man". It has been called by Saintsbury as, "a work of composing craftsmanship". These definitions don't have any kind of effect to such... [Continue Reading]

Important Resources for an Online Property Valuation

It is important that you establish the value of your house before you put it up for sale. Although it is only valuations that are done by a RICS surveyor that may be accepted by lending institutions, estate agents can also carry out valuation of your property. Additionally, the advancement of technology has made it possible to carry out online property valuation. An online property... [Continue Reading]

Wonga Goes From Strength To Strength Internationally

Say what you will about payday loans, but millions of people the world over use them. Most of them are used for the intended purpose – to cover a shortfall in cash until their next payday – and for those people, they act as a way of avoiding potential financial difficulty in the longer term. The industry has grown rapidly since roughly 2006, with many providers joining the... [Continue Reading]

Choosing the Right Equipment Loan for Your Business

A business needs to make a number of purchases for executing its operations. These purchases can be for raw materials, vehicles and equipment. Making these purchases with a lump sum at a go is not possible for most and procuring a loan is the best solution for almost all businesses. In fact, a loan is a very helpful and suitable feature for any situation or purchase requiring a large sum of... [Continue Reading]

Go the Extra Distance for Your Customers

In today’s business world, many individuals running companies know how important customer service is to their livelihoods. Minus solid customer service, a business owner can see his or her brand decline in a hurry. When this happens, there is the possibility of ultimately having to close one’s doors. So that your company can avoid such a dramatic and unpleasant fate, take the... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for a Better Business Model

In the business world, there are winners and of course losers. So that your business can always do its best to be in the former category, your business model matters. For instance, what kind of mission statement did you unveil when you began your business? If the answer is none, that’s an issue right there. If you have a business that is kind of running on the fly, that only works for... [Continue Reading]

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Personal Finance News

Sears Teams with Personal Finance Guru Nicole Lapin, Empowers Shoppers to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) this ...
Sears Teams with Personal Finance Guru Nicole Lapin, Empowers Shoppers to "BYOW" (Boss Your Own Wallet) this ...

Teach personal finance to 5-year-olds, peers recommend
Children as young as five should be taught about personal finance in schools to boost financial literacy in later life and tackle the scourge of “rip-off” credit charges, peers have recommended. Sample the FT's top stories for a week. You select the ...

107 Warren Buffett Quotes For Investing, Business, & Personal Finance
As one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett knows a thing or two about money. I have compiled a list of my 107 favorite Warren Buffett quotes. These quotes pack the essence of Buffett's money and investing knowledge into easily digestible ...

PERSONAL FINANCE: Who does your money work for?
You can spend money on yourself... or you can give it away to all the status symbols you are a slave to. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP. In Summary. Our problem is that we have become prisoners of expenditure. We work for our expenses, not for ...

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan receives contribution for personal finance effort
The statewide nonprofit housing organization today announced that Bloomington, Ill.-based financial services and insurance agency State Farm Insurance has contributed $25,000 toward the program that aims to assist people with personal finance best ...

Personal Finance App Clarity Money, An $11-Million Funding ...
Personal Finance App Clarity Money, An $11-Million Funding ...

Most Americans can't afford a $100 medical bill, and how Tinder helps NBA players
Happy Thursday, MarketWatchers! Hope you are having a fantastic week. Don't miss today's top personal finance stories. A family earning over $105,000 still can't afford more than half of U.S. colleges. For students from low-income families, more than ...

Personal Finance; Taxes? Stick with cash over credit - Using plastic to pay the IRS is probably not a good idea
A big tax bill is like hay fever . You don't want it, you try to avoid it — and then April rolls around and it hits you hard. Now you have to figure out how to take care of it. Taxes have to be paid, and putting them on your credit card might seem a ...

Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Spend wisely
Here is some of our best advice on how to build wealth, including getting the most for your money. Maximize credit card rewards: By playing your (credit) cards right, you'll earn hundreds of dollars annually in cash back or free flights and hotel stays ...

Business Insider is hiring a full-time personal finance editor for its Your Money section
Business Insider is hiring a full-time personal finance editor for its Your Money vertical, one of the fastest-growing sections of the world's No. 1 digital business publication. This editor should be well-versed in personal finance and financial ...

Citi Ventures leads $11 million round in AI-based personal finance advocate Clarity Money
Personal finance app Clarity Money has raised a further $11 million in venture capital financing in a Series B round led by RRE Ventures and Citi Ventures. The Clarity Money app capitalises on consumer intertia, prompting users to move their cash ...

Personal Finance, Taxes Feature Package
NEW YORK, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The following feature package is a roundup of feature stories dealing with Personal Finance, Taxes and is appropriate for special sections and for general use. For each story included in this package, you will ...

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