10 Ways to Save Money on Monthly Bills

1. Auto Insurance
If you drive less than 2 hours per day, most insurance companies will give you a discount on your policy premium. If you have someone in your family that occasionally is allowed to drive your car, you do not have to add them, by name, to your policy either.

2. Auto Insurance - Pt 2
Ask your insurance company if your policy has "permissive use coverage" as part of the policy. There is no increase in premiums for permissive use as compared to adding another person to your policy by name, which always increases your insurance premium.

3. Other Insurance
If you or your parents were ever in the military, you should check out rates with USAA. They provide the absolute best deals on all types of insurance for active duty military, veterans and anyone in their family. A young person just getting out on their own can save up to $450 per month on auto insurance, compared to non-military friendly insurance companies. Similar savings are given on all other types of insurance policies too, so do some Google searches ASAP!

4. Phone Plans
The best way to save money on a phone plan is to get a family plan. This will save you about 20% on the monthly fee, regardless of what type of package you pick. The best packages are for complete coverage for 24 months.

5. Other Communications
If you have a GMS phone that uses a SIM card, you can get prepaid SIM cards and pay only for the minutes you use. Even these types of phones have discounts and family plants to save you money, so don't be afraid to look into that too!

6. Energy
Use your washer, dryer, and dishwasher after prime hours to save money on your electricity bill. Rates are typically 30 to 40 percent less.

7. Gasoline
These days, most decent grocery stores give you rewards or outright discounts on gasoline purchases. The best ones have a gas pump located near or within the open parking area of the supermarket. The discount varies according to how much you shop, but discounts of up to 30 cents per gallon are not unusual.

8. Auto Maintenance
Modern synthetic automotive oils do not need to be changed as often as most people believe. Instead of oil changes every three thousand miles, use top grade synthetic motor oil and change every 7,500 miles.

9. Groceries
Cut the number of trips you take to the supermarket in half. Make lists of what you need and stay focused when you are doing your shopping. If the item you want to purchase is located at eye level, look above and below for the better-priced brands. Buy generic brands for everyday cleaning supplies and paper goods, because active ingredients are always the same.

10. Gas
Many homes have gas fireplaces. They help heat the home in the winter. If there are cabinets on the reverse wall to the fireplace, open those cabinet doors in the nighttime to help heat the house. In the spring and fall, only run the flame when the house is chilly. Leaving the gas running all year is a waste of money and bad for the environment.

Kyla Paxson likes to write about saving money, online shopping etc.

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