5 High Paying Jobs That Are Low on Stress

If you could work what you would consider to be a dream job, what would it consist of? Would it be something that you enjoy doing? Would it be something that pays well? Perhaps it would be something that does not come with a lot of stress? Well, you might be fascinated to know that there are actually several kinds of careers that exist that have all of these characteristics combined.

If you’re looking to start a career or perhaps transition into another field and you’d like to know about some of the high-paying jobs that are also very low on stress, we have provided you with a list of five of our favorites. Keep in mind that each one of these were surveyed based on a stress tolerance scale, with “0″ being high stress and “100″ being low stress. Check these out below:

Dental Hygienist. If you’re someone who’s always had an interest in the dental field but you don’t want to spend the amount of years (and money) that it takes in order to become a dentist, have you ever considered becoming a dental hygienist instead? These are basically the individuals who assist dentists by doing things like performing dental cleanings, examining patients’ mouths for signs of gum disease and educating them on good oral care practices. Reportedly, the stress tolerance level is about 71 and the pay averages out to be $70,000 annually.

Technical Writer. Here’s the ironic thing about technical writers: Oftentimes, they do not do as much writing as they do reading and researching. And even when they do write, there is not much creativity that’s required. In fact, they are actually paid to make things as concise as possible. For this reason, they are oftentimes known as “technical communicators” as they contribute their skills to prepare instructional manuals and journals. Their stress tolerance level is around 69 and you can earn about $65,500 each year in this position.

Optometrist. If you want to help to improve people’s vision, a field that you can go into is optometry. These are the people who not only exam individuals’ eyes but they are also able to diagnose as well as treat eye problems; plus, they can do what is needed to manage diseases and they can prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses. Aside from needing a bachelor’s degree, you will also need to obtain a Doctor of Optometry, which can take an additional four years of schooling. The stress tolerance level is 65.5 and you can make as much as $98,000 working as an optometrist.

Law teacher. You know the saying: some people do and other people teach. Well, when it comes to the field of law, if you are more interested in teaching others how to become lawyers than actually becoming one yourself, you might want to become a law teacher. The stress tolerance level is around 63 and the pay averages out to be close to $100,000 per year. (You will need a bachelor’s and a law degree in order to be a law teacher.)

Driver. You might be surprised by the fact that another low-stress position is a professional driver. When it comes driving jobs , whether it’s being a personal driver, a delivery driver or even a long-haul driver, there are plenty of positions available, the stress tolerance level is around 70 and the pay can be anywhere between $40,000-60,000. For more information on driving jobs that are currently available where you live, visit

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