Add These 5 Things to Your Car To Save on Insurance

Saving on car insurance isn’t always about finding the best car insurance premium or the deductible that makes the most sense for you. When purchasing car insurance, you want to consider what you can do to the vehicle you drive so that you can come to your insurance provider with a safe and reliable vehicle. This puts you in a great position to receive lower premiums, and make your car safer to drive, and that’s always a win. Here are our top tips on making your car safe both for you, and for your bottom line.

  1. Install an anti-theft system

When you install an anti-theft system in your car, it’s less likely to get stolen. This means that your car insurance provider will be more likely to give you a discount on your car insurance because the possibility of theft and replacement is lower. You can find anti-theft devices at most major department stores, and depending on the make and model of your car, it could save you quite a bit on your car insurance.

  1. Adding winter tires

Having winter tires is critical if you live somewhere where it snows often. In fact, many car insurance providers will actually have clauses that state you must have winter tires in order to remain covered during the winter months. You can change your winter tires at any mechanics shop, but you’re going to want to go before the first snowfall. Car insurance companies usually have a date at which snow tires are necessary, so make sure you pay attention to this, because you may not be covered without them.

  1. Have a dashboard camera

A dashboard camera is a great addition to your car because it covers you in the case of an accident. If you get into an accident, you can send your car insurance provider proof that the accident was not your fault, and you also have an extremely accurate timeline of events. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to avoid unfair insurance premium raises, or your insurance is refusing to cover a portion of your accident.

  1. Get CAA

Some insurance providers will actually give you a lower car insurance premium if you have a membership with CAA. Check with your car insurance provider to see what kind of discount is available if you sign up and figure out of the cost of a CAA membership is worthwhile. Most customers find that even without a discount on your premium, being covered in the case of your car breaking down is a huge convenience.

  1. Glass coating for your windows

Getting a glass coating for your car is a great way to save on car insurance, and makes your car safer to drive. Glass coating prevents your windshield from shattering, and is relatively inexpensive compared to fully replacing glass. Having coating for the glass does more than just protect you from glass breakage, it reduces night time glare, and makes it easier to drive during bad weather. If you bring this kind of information to your car insurance provider, it can result in lower premiums.

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