Does Moving To Fort Lauderdale Make Financial Sense For You?

When you are thinking of moving to Fort Lauderdale, you should consider how much sense moving to this city makes. The Fort Lauderdale area is about an hour north of Miami, and it is one of the more affluent cities in America. You can live near the water or directly on the coast, and you can enjoy a sunny lifestyle. Consider these items when you are thinking of moving to Florida.


There is no income tax or death/estate tax in Florida. You will make more money every year, and you do not need to worry about how your estate will be managed when you die. You can make good money in Florida because employers know that they can entice you with high salaries, good benefits, and no taxes. Plus, your family can manage your estate easily when you pass away.

Fort Lauderdale Homes Are Reasonable

You can buy Fort Lauderdale homes for reasonable prices. You may want to live near the water, and you will spend more money on a house that has its own dock or about the coast. However, there are many homes in the area that compare well to other suburban areas around America.

The average price for a home in Fort Lauderdale is $330,000, and that price compares very well to cities around America. You may pay a bit more to live in a sunny place, and it is very smart for you to move to Florida if you want to enjoy a tropical climate. Consider these options when you are planning to move. Expensive homes near golf courses are not the only homes in Fort Lauderdale.

Growing Jobs In Fort Lauderdale

The aviation industry is growing in the area because Patrick Air Force Base is not that far away. You are in Florida where the Naval Air Station at Pensacola is located, and you can go to many private airstrips around the state for testing because you can test over the water.

The technology industry is growing in the area because Miami is a massive city that allows people to get jobs in finance and technology. You may want to work for big companies headquartered in Miami, or you can work remotely from your Fort Lauderdale home because there are so many potential clients in the area.

Make Sure You Get Hurricane And Flood Insurance

When you move to Florida, you need hurricane and flood insurance. National flood insurance is easy to acquire so long as you have a threat of flooding, and you need to look for insurance plans that will cover hurricane damage. Do not buy the cheapest insurance because those companies may not cover flooding or hurricane damage. Paying a bit more for your insurance helps you prevent any fallout when the next big hurricane arrives.

Movers In The Area Are Fairly Priced

A Fort Lauderdale moving company can help you move safely and securely for a fair price. They know the area well, and they will help you save money on the move. Using a local mover makes your life much simpler even if you moved with storage boxes because the mover can pick up everything in the storage boxes, bring those items to your home, and help you unload.


When you move to Florida, you must consider how much money you can make, how much you will spend on a home, and the type of insurance you need because hurricanes are common. It is easy for you to start a new life in Fort Lauderdale when you want to move to Florida, get a good job, or live near Miami.

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