How Can Debt Consolidation Help You Manage Stress from Multiple Debts?

Debt is a four-letter word, but its weight is huge, and this weight can crush the biggest establishments and multinational companies, and the richest persons in the world. When you owe money to a source, then you are in debt. And when the calculation of multiple debts at various places gets too complex, then not just a person, but a big company or organization can also slip, fall, get imbalanced, and lose mental peace, reputation, and all funds.

But there are ways to manage the largest of debts, and the most complex debt situations too with some simple strategies like debt consolidation, which you will learn here.

What is debt?

Debt, in the simplest words, is an amount of money which you owe to someone. The debt may be too small and negligible, or it may be too big and exorbitant an amount. You can be indebted for many reasons. It can be a loan amount from a secured place. It can be an unsecured loan too from elsewhere. You may have taken money from business contacts, friends, family, or from the public. You may have borrowed money from another business wing of yours. It may be a carryover loan, which your forefathers borrowed and now you have to pay. And in this way, there can be numerous options and situations where you may be indebted.

How can debt crush and strangle the existence of a person or organization?

When you owe money, and you are in a healthy or sound financial state to pay it back, then there can be no problem with it. The whole world takes big and small loans, and loans basically run big and small companies and businesses until they become commercial giants. Hence a loan is a normal thing, and a common financial decision taken by any and many. But when you are not in the situation to pay, whatever the cause behind that is, then you get into trouble.

Whoever it is that you borrowed from will send you notices for recovering the money naturally. If it’s a person or unsecured place, then notices may not look that serious. But if you have taken loans from some official financial company or bank, then you will get serious and repeated notifications and calls about your debt and payment reminders.

And that is the situation when the pressure starts to build. As you keep on getting repeated reminders to pay the installments, from one or more places, and you realize that you are for some reason, not in the situation to make a payment as of now, then you get into lots of mental and financial pressure. Often under such circumstances, many businesses take another small loan to waive off one or two pending installments of old loans they missed. And this tops up more debt over existing debt.

How to fight debt normally?

The best and normal way to fight debt is to pay on time. But in many cases that becomes the challenge. And when you cannot pay on time, and you become the defaulter for late and missed payments repeatedly, then it starts affecting your credit history and score both. Many companies go for the solution of debt consolidation under such circumstances. Many again go for filing bankruptcy to extend their loan tenures and get some flexibility from the lender.

What are the hurdles faced by a business while managing debts?

Managing multiple debts is no joke, and can make the person in charge of the company or business go totally mad and crazy in pressure if things are not going right. When there are too many debt accounts, then things have to be kept track of with care and detail. The number of lenders, the amount borrowed, the tenure borrowed for, the installments paid every month or under other terms, the amount paid back till date, the amount left to pay, the prepayment penalties if any, last dates each month to pay EMIs, penalties on missing due date, and many more things need to be kept account of.

That is why the multitasking with so many details need dedication. And on top of all that if the company or business is not earning enough revenue to pay off some of the debts, or pay off all the loans on time, then issues start arising. Out of saying ten debt accounts, one or two due dates may get missed due to confusions.

Payment reminder calls, written notices, recovery calls with sometimes harsh comments, unpleasant reminders repeatedly, legal notices from lenders, all piles up, one after another. You can lose your mental sanity, reputation, and name in the market, and have to start making excuses not to meet people and attend any calls. These things happen in many places, and the pain of not being able to pay back is seriously bad and harmful to the credit rating and reputation in the business.

Debts can be consolidated

The good news is that debts can be consolidated, and you can get a clear idea of the process from helpful sites like Consolidation is the process of bringing together all the dues into one place. When you have multiple loans going on, you can make a calculation of how much you actually owe in total to the various sources, including all penalties, late charges, pre-closure penalties, etc. And the final amount you get can then be applied for as another big loan to settle all existing debts and put things together into one place. This makes matters much sorted, and in businesses, this process is called debt consolidation accounting.

Finally- How can a business get all debt accounts consolidated?

All loan accounts can be ended with a big consolidated loan. When you get a final figure that you need X amount of money to close all pending loan cases and debts, then you can apply for this amount. On getting it, you can pay back all loans everywhere, and start afresh from this new consolidated loan that you borrowed for closing all previous. This can mark new beginnings of organized debt management.

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