How Graphic Designers Can Use Instagram Account To Travel Around The World For Free

There are some people who are actually late in this Instagram bandwagon. There are many of them who have created first account just few weeks back. Once you have joined this platform, you will actually start to realize why so many millennial are so obsessed with this platform. You are not just going to get more engagement in this platform when compared to Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms, but it is also further going to help your business quite a bit.

In this current digitalized platform, having bigger IG following is akin to a prestigious resume holder. It is easily going to boost your credibility and instantly. If you check FB and other social channels for job offerings, you will come across some noted companies and brands looking for new people to work with. The only criterion they have apart from basic knowledge and skill will be to have a social following of a certain number minimum.

Whenever you are in any of the networking event and the person, with whom you have just exchanged business cards, will check your following of anything else, and that will make him remember you for long. Not only just mere IG profiles, but you have to engineer some of the vital IG campaigns. It helps in boasting ability to reliably create some of the massive accounts right from scratch for notice time frame.

For some valid information:

For any average person out there, building following on IG might be a difficult task. But for the pros out there, it is all about some simple algorithms. You can take a quick look at Benson, the master, on what he has to say about this section. He was invited in Unconventional Life Podcast, where he shares some of his methods for building IG followings fast. His work has also helped him in leveraging the following to travel world just for free. If you want to learn how easy it is to deal and manage IG for enjoying some travel benefits later, then make sure to follow some points first for that. You can get some noted ideas from as well.

You have to join an alliance first:

One of the major algorithms that actually is associated with Instagram for ranking purpose is based on the number of comments any video or photo gets soon after the option got posted. According to experts like Benson, you can actually boost the visibility of the photo exponentially by actually combining forces with team.

  • On all the possible time, when you or any one of the alliance group members posts any new picture, be sure that every person comments on the picture immediately.
  • It is because the first ten minutes of the post are the most crucial time for gaining that perfect traction as you have asked for.
  • That time will further determine how extensively it will help in reaching the current following and even beyond that mark, if possible.
  • You can always aim to create a team of 15 people, if not more, and that will help the photos to perform in a rather optimal manner.

Be sure to follow one golden rule:

As per the renowned Benson, content will always remain to be the king and not just now only. Quality content needs to be the first and foremost priority from your side. So, always be sure to take time from your side in getting some of the vibrant photos and high quality content, and pairing the same with call to action or some of the other engaging captions.

  • For some of the best results in this regard, you can coordinate the content for adhering to complementary color scheme.
  • It will help you a lot when the followers start to scroll through the feed. The body of photos from you side will actually help in reflecting your signature style and will make the entire post visually attractive and beautiful.
  • For some inspiration in this regard, you can try to model the profile after some of the top Instagrammers’ feeds.
  • You have to take quick notes of the color palettes they claim to offer and using and even their content ratios between text, photo and video.

Have to be smart with proper use of hash tags:

Instagram is able to allow you to see the number of users who have actually used a particular hash tag before adding the photo or video in the post. Even though, it might have been quite tempting to just use hash tags, which have already been used millions of time if not more, it is not that effective for sure.

  • These hash tags happen to be quite competitive. It means you are unlikely to rank among top if you start using these options.
  • In its place, you can start using hash tags which are used between the marks of 100k to 900k times.
  • If you are not that sure of the hash tags that you are supposed to use for the post, then reliable experts might suggest you to go through posts of the top influencers within your niche and use hash tags they have been using.
  • Always remember to max out the hash tags, which will help you to use not more than 30 for every post.

Check out the health of your IG account:

There are so many common behaviors, which can actually damage the current health of the account. So, you better avoid those points at every possible cost. If you ever come across any of these behaviors and follow them, then it might trigger IG algorithms for lowering engagement and potential to gain some of the new followers. Some of these behaviors are changing username or display picture, posting at an inconsistent rate, using automated posting tool and similar such actions. You better avoid those points.

Make sure to follow these steps as mentioned and things will start to work out as planned. In no time, you might turn out to be a master.

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