Referrals and Reviews Help when Choosing a Quality Surveyor


Is it your first time asking for a survey service? You need not worry since there are a lot of professionals who can do the job. The only problem is that due to the number of people you can hire, choosing the best person could be a bit tricky.

The key is to ask for referrals or read online reviews. People who have used a property valuation service before give the best possible recommendations. They will tell you what kind of service they received. If you know this person, it is even better. You know that the referral can be trusted.

Property surveyors also rely on word of mouth. Hence, they will do a great job to ensure that they will be recommended for future work.

Online reviews

When it comes to online reviews, there are a lot of them for you to check out. Just make sure that you read a lot of reviews to ensure that you have a fair and balanced judgment. Check the average ratings too, so you will know if most people have approved of the services received.

Ask your agent

Your agent or solicitor could also provide a good referral. They know surveyors in the industry who have been around for years. Avoid choosing the first surveyor you meet online. Your agent might get quotes from at least 3 different surveyors. He will then eliminate the ones that are totally off and give you the best person to do the job.

Make an appointment

After you have chosen the best surveyor, set up an appointment and be there during the actual property valuation. The surveyor might have questions that could affect the overall valuation of your property – so you have to be there to respond to any questions or explain things if necessary.

Of course, you need to prepare the place for the property valuation. Make sure you have tidied everything up. Start with the outdoor area since it will be the first place the surveyor will see. If you create a good impression right from the start, your property could be given a better valuation.

If you live in Essex, there are a lot of quality surveyors in Essex who can do the job. Ask for quotations first to know exactly how much their services are, and ask them to come over if you are ready for the valuation. If something needs to be fixed, you should fix it first and keep the receipt for the repair. This could help in increasing the value of your property. You should also do any necessary repairs according to the surveyor’s recommendations, to also help improve your property’s value.

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