The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money in 2020

People save money for various reasons. Most do it to help during emergencies. Others are never secure at their places of work, thus the need to save to provide some cushioning in case of sudden job loss.

Saving also helps you to limit your debts while giving you more financial freedom. However, do you know what to do save money in 2020? Will you be doing what you have always done? This guide should help you make improvements where necessary.

Bringing Lunch to Work

On average, Americans spend over $3,000 on lunches each year. The money includes paying for takeaways or eating out. You can save huge sums of money, as much as $100 per month, by carrying lunch from home. Therefore, carry what you left over from dinner or cook afresh.

Forget Paying for TV

Is TV a necessity in your home? How much time do you spend watching TV? Do you even need the cable TV? On average, your monthly cable bill is likely to be around $100. By next year, 2020, you could be paying a monthly average of $200. You will be saving a ton of money, visit for more information about a saving money guide.

Buying a Water Filter

The idea that you have to buy to save might seem a bit counterintuitive. However, especially in this case, you would be saving plenty of money. On average, you spend over $100 on bottled water each year. Why don’t you drink water from home or buy a water filter, instead?

Saving Money Automatically

Technology has introduced easier ways of saving huge sums of money. Digital apps are the solution to anyone interested in saving money automatically. Here, you have to link your back account to the software. How does the app work?

  • It examines your income and expenses every few days
  • It uses the above information to determine how much you can save
  • It transfers money from your checking account to its savings account

Choose a Minimalist Lifestyle

It’s not easy to manage your financial life. After all, you have plenty of issues to contend with every day. These include raising your family, attending part-time classes, paying bills, and planning for retirement among others. A minimalist lifestyle is the best solution in such cases.

As you may have noticed above, you can make changes to your lifestyle to save tons of money. While implementing these changes, don’t forget to invest too. Additionally, do not be too quick to big purchases.

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