Top 5 Options for Conservative Investment

If you want to go for any investment, risk will be inevitable. It is the very basic element of an investment. Combine the risk of investment with constantly rising cost of living; it can become more difficult for people to manage their finances.

People are very cautious before deciding to make any financial settlement and many now choose to go for conservative investment options. But it can be very hard to find the right choice with lowest risk and highest returns in this market. Some of the popular options that are not only less risky but also profitable include:

Government Bonds

Technically, there is no risk involved in spending in government bonds. It is ideal for people with a substantial amount of savings present in their account. It won’t work for you if you don’t have savings and are looking to earn from this investment. It is the best choice for those who want to receive protection of principal and are content with the average return on investment.

Generally, the government bonds serve as the ideal investment options for middle-aged professionals and retired people.

Certificates of Deposit

Another extremely risk-free and conservative investment option is certificate of deposit. You can get one through your credit union, investment broker or any commercial bank. With the right deposit certificate, you can trade your money to a specific financial institute for a well defined period time.

Although the return on investment is not very high, it is practically risk-free. If you go for a certificate of deposit with a FDIC insured financial institution, you will be paid your principal back with your total deposits. It is the government’s responsibility to make sure that you do not lose any of your cash.

Investing in Purchase of Gold

Another wise choice to spend money for conservative investors is purchasing gold. Engaging in bullion trading is a better and less risky option to invest in gold. Additionally, the liquidity for huge capital is also easily possible. More and more people are now choosing to make an investment in buying gold.

Residential Property

People usually invest in residential properties to ensure that they have a shelter and roof over their heads. In some cases, it is to earn the amount from rent. However, investing in a property located in a neighborhood where prices are constantly increasing is a wise decision for your financial future.

Investing in a property that is growing can be generating extremely favorable return on investments. It is one of the most popular choices among conservative investors.

Fixed Annuities 

Fixed annuities are another feasible option for conservative investment. The insurance company pays a fixed interest rate. The interest rate guarantee is solid and it doesn’t involve any risk. If you are financially sound but want to invest more without engaging in higher risk, fixed annuities is one the best option available.

These are some of the common and most popular options for conservative investment.

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