What is Public Liability Insurance, And Why Your Business May Need It

Insurance is an essential enabler or aid of trade that any business whether small, medium, or large needs if it has to be guaranteed protection against potential risks and continuity. There are varied insurance policies out there that a business, company, or individuals may choose and one of the most crucial policies is public liability insurance. This type of business insurance covers the business against all claims that may be brought against a business by the public.

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Some of the damages or injuries that public liability insurance may cover include personal injuries, loss of property, damage to property, and death of other parties. It should be noted that public liability provides coverage against incidents that may happen on your premises only. This means that any incident happening outside of your business premises may not be covered.

How Public Liability Insurance Works?

Because many businesses interact with the general public, chances are they are likely to face risks. for instance, a client or a customer may slip and fall while in business premises despite that you may put up warming signs of the slippery floor. When this happens, you may end up battling with the injured customer in the courts for compensation. When you have taken a policy that covers you against such risks, you will only need to file a claim with your insurance company to help compensate the injured person or pay for property damages.

What Risks are Covered by Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance may cover but not limited to the following:

  • Bodily injury: These will include all injuries or expenses towards them.
  • Property damage: It will provide coverage for damages caused to a third party's property. If you operate a forklift that accidentally damages the vehicle while loading or offloading the client or supplier's vehicle, your insurance may pay for the cost of repairing the damages.
  • Legal expenses: It also takes care of the legal costs that go into hiring an attorney representing you in a lawsuit brought against you by a third party for risks covered under your policy.

Remember that any interaction between your staff and the customers away from our business premises will not be covered. In addition, work-related injuries or claims will not be covered under public liability insurance. Instead, workers' compensation insurance will take care of such claims.

Does Your Business Need Public Liability Insurance?

Small, medium-sized, and large businesses all depend on the public to do business. Because no business operates in a vacuum, it is necessary to take the cover so as to protect yourself against lawsuits and claims that may be brought against you by members of the public. While it is crucial insurance coverage, Federal law does not mandate businesses to take this coverage. On the contrary, all businesses will be required to have a disability, workers' compensation, and employment insurance. Because of the limited nature of public insurance policy, many businesses may find it necessary to buy additional or alternative policies to enjoy comprehensive protection. For this reason, public liability insurance is cheap compared to general liability insurance yet crucial in providing protection against common risks that affect a majority of businesses today.

Why You Need a Broker

With so many cover options for coverage available, it can be extremely challenging to choose the most appropriate policy that suits your particular needs. Fortunately, brokers are available to help you make a decision on the best coverage that you need to stay protected in case of any injuries or damages to third parties. But why should you choose third parties from an insurance broker other than other agencies, or dealing directly with an insurance company? The following section gives a detailed explanation of the benefits of dealing with a Smart Business Insurance broker when looking for the best public liability insurance cover.

Benefits of using an insurance broker

Better Price: It is commonplace for many businesses to think that middlemen or agencies are an added cost and that cutting them off reduces the cost of buying an insurance policy. On the contrary, brokers have the industry knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies, so they are in the best position to get you even cheaper quotes than when you work directly with the insurance company. When you work with a broker, you are assured of avoiding the risks or under-insurance and extra costs that come with buying a policy.

A Broker will save time

Comparing a series of coverages in terms of price, features, and benefits can be a painstaking and confusing process. To obtain quotes, you want to fill out forms or call a provider in order to understand the cost-benefit analysis of each option. This can be difficult for an average business. A broker only needs to assess your needs and use the details to compare different policies and providers. They will do all the work, so you only sit back and wait for the right quote to be sent to you.

They guarantee to compete for protection

Many businesses fall prey to under-insuring, something that can cause significant losses, especially when a risk occurs. Luckily, experienced insurance brokers have been trained adequately to be able to assess the value of your business and ask necessary questions that can help you get adequate coverage while at the same ensuring that you keep your premiums as low as possible.

Helps you stay up to date

The last thing any business wants to worry about is not realizing that your insurance is not up to date. Your broker will always be tuned to ensure that your business remains active. Many times, we tend to forget when our policies are to expire. Brokers have a record and will keep tracking your coverage to ensure that you renew it before its expiry. They will also keep track of the changes in the legal framework affecting the insurance industry and update your policies as the need may be.

Your broker will be on Your Side When Making a Claim

There can be nothing as stressful as dealing with a third party whose property was damaged or who suffered injuries while on your premises. Your broker will take all the work and worries off your shoulders and communicate with your insurance company. they will do all the paperwork, so you don't have to worry about the tedious and often challenging task of filling out the claim forms.

How to Get an Insurance Broker

Your friends, similar businesses in your industry, or family can help you identify the right insurance broker for your business. You can also check online sites that rate insurance brokers in your region, so you are able to make a sound decision on choosing the broker to work for you.


Public liability insurance is designed to cover your business from claims that may be brought by third parties against your business for compensation for injuries or damages that may be caused in the process of carrying out your business activities. Therefore, to be guaranteed requisite and adequate coverage for costs due to claims in case of negligence or otherwise, it is important to purchase public liability insurance from a reputable insurance broker.

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