Who Should Represent You In A Social Security Disability Claim?

Quality representation is critical when you are looking to file a Social Security disability claim. However, most people in need of assistance in this area have little or no experience in selecting a law firm to represent their interests. Thankfully, the Internet can help you learn more about potential choices for this work.

When you look at a law firm's website or you visit their offices to speak with their attorneys directly, you should focus on a few key details about each of them. These tips will help you narrow down your choices until the right law firm for you and your case becomes obvious.

Important Factors When Searching for a Social Security Disability Law Firm

• Educational Background

Establishing trust and confidence is crucial in a relationship between attorney and client. You put yourself in your lawyer's hands when he or she goes before the government to file disability claims. This confidence has its foundation in the education that the lawyer sought before becoming a professional. It should not be hard to find evidence of a degree and the school awarding it in a lawyer's office or on a law firm's website.

• Level of Experience

There is nothing wrong with being new at your job. However, there is also nothing wrong with wanting the best to represent your interest. Find out how long your law firm has been representing people. Even the best of intentions on the part of your lawyer cannot beat the successful routines formed over years and years at the same job.

• Area of Focus

Not all legal work is the same. No matter how long a potential candidate for your representation has been at work, a more critical factor is the area in which he or she has worked for most of that time.

Social Security disability claims have risen in the last few years and the competition has increased considerably. Some law firms have just jumped into the field recently to take advantage of the surge of interest. Review any law firm, such as that found at, to see just how long they have been doing this specific type of work.

• Records of Wins and Losses

More important for you than anything else will be the law firm's record with regard to Social Security disability claims. You want to know that your representatives will have a good chance of success when they go before the government to seek the assistance that you deserve and have earned. Furthermore, you should look at the details behind these wins. Ask how much they have won for cases similar to yours.

• Character

Finally, you have to think about how you get along with your law firm and its lawyers. This relationship is important because you may be working with these individuals for some time. A healthy relationship with your attorney is fundamental for success.

When you visit legal websites look for testimonials as well. Support and praise from former clients is another powerful source of confidence you can have in the law firm that you choose.

Article written by Neal Hammond

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