Why We Should get Dental Treatment Abroad?

In these days of austerity we’re all looking to save a little money where we can. When it comes to healthcare, including dentistry, it’s not always easy to make savings as most of the time your health isn’t a negotiable subject.

It’s a fact that of those of us with insurance, most of us are woefully underinsured and would have large out-of-pocket expenses if we did develop any other dental problem apart from a filling. By thinking ahead a little there are ways we can save, and prevent those little dental problems becoming bigger, more expensive ones.

It may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but more and more people are incorporating dental care into their trips abroad – whether on their annual vacation or as part of a business trip. If you’ve never thought about, it may seem rather odd, but most people that do try dental care abroad are complete converts.


Cost is, of course, the main reason why people initially look to going abroad for their dental care. Typically, it is because they have a dental problem they can’t afford to get fixed because it’s way over their budget.

Most people can make savings of at least 65%, and for some it is as much as 90%. If you’ve been quoted thousands by your dentist at home you can save thousands, or even tens of thousands, on a procedure. These kind of savings are not to be sniffed at when, for example, Thailand dentist prices can be up to two-thirds less for a dental implant and a whopping 90% less for a white filling. This is when having a check-up and general dental care while you are on holiday can save you a lot – and all just for an hour or two of your time. It’s definitely worth it.

Choice of Destinations

There’s a massive choice of destinations stretching right around the globe, and it is possible (depending on where you live) even just to go on a daytrip if you really don’t have the time or inclination to spend two-weeks on a dental vacation.

For North Americans and Canadians this is as simple as popping south over the US-Mexico Border to sample good-quality Mexican dental care at affordable prices. There’s clinics at locations all along the border, including Los Algodones, just south of Yuma. With more than 350 dental offices situated in just a few blocks it has become somewhat of a dental mecca with thousands flocking here to get their dental care, as well as stock-up on some discount pharmaceuticals and other supplies.

Of course, if you want to go on a two week jaunt then there’s lots of choice, including Mexico’s Cancun, Costa Rica, Europe – including Turkey and Hungary, as well as Asia, particularly Thailand, Vietnam and The Philippines.

Great Quality

People may be surprised but there are great quality dental providers across the world with excellent training, qualifications and professional memberships that stack-up well against your dentist at home. The key is to do your own research before you go and check-out that you are satisfied with any particular clinic’s credentials. There’s lots of information online, as well as dental tourism companies, but again you need to make sure they are reliable.

Take advantage of globalization and look at getting your dental care abroad to save yourself a fortune – and keep your dental health in check.

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