5 Ways to Stretch Your Holiday Shopping Dollars

During the holidays, we all want to be able to surprise our loved ones with the gifts they truly want and need in order to show them how much we appreciate them all year long. While gift giving can be a great feeling, it can also become a large expense. In order to reduce spending but still give thoughtful gifts, consider these 5 tips that can help you to stretch your holiday shopping dollars further.

  1. The best way to save on holiday shopping expenses is to start your shopping early. This can first help to reduce stress that comes with last minute shopping. You will be able to take your time shopping and explore various stores and deals so that you get the best price on a specific gift you want to get for a family member or friend. Try to shop during big sales or deals. The best pre-holiday season sales often start right after Thanksgiving. Shopping early on Black Friday can allow you to get some serious bargains on the most popular gifts. However, it can be an overwhelming experience. Another option is to wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving when Cyber Monday begins online. This can help you to find super savings from the comfort of your own home on items like cell phones or electronics that last for a limited time.
  2. Another great way to save on holiday gifts is to keep your eyes peeled for coupons and deals that stores offer leading up to the holidays. You may find these in magazines, coupon books, or even on sites like In addition, try signing up for store newsletters or rewards programs in the shops that you frequent during the holidays. This will help you to be the first to know when they are having a large sale or a specific deal. Also, become familiar with store coupon policies so that you don’t miss out on deals. Some stores even provide a price-match or price-beating policy if you show them another store is offering the same product for less. Being informed can help you save tremendously.
  3. Utilize your crafty, creative side to cut back on gift expenses. Homemade gifts can help you save money while presenting your loved ones with very thoughtful, meaningful gifts that they will cherish for years to come. These gifts will be appreciated because you put your time and energy into them specifically for the gift recipient. Consider gifts like a personal scrapbook. For other individuals on your gift list like co-workers or neighbors, consider baking a big batch of cookies and packaging them with festive wrapping as a way to show you are thinking of them during the holidays, without having to go out and spend lots on an individualized gift.
  4. If you are shopping online, look for shipping deals. Often shipping costs can significantly add up and really put and dent in your holiday shopping budget. Look for sites that provide free shipping on orders in general or those over a certain amount of money spent. This is especially helpful if you are planning to buy multiple gifts from one company.
  5. Skip extra fees like extended warranties. Most products, especially electronics, already have a year warranty and you could be throwing away an extra $30-50 bucks or more for no reason. Plus, if your gift recipient wants the insurance, you typically have 30 days to add it on after the initial purchase.
    All of these tips can help you to cut back on spending during the holiday season so you can find the best deals if you visit website, cut back on unnecessary charges, and ensure all gift recipients feel loved and appreciated during the holiday season.

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