Six ways to Save on Legal Fees

The stress of going through legal proceedings is enough to contend with; let alone the bank breaking bills that often come with it. For many people, their budget simply cannot stretch to hire the best of the best in legal representation but this does not mean they do not deserve justice and so by approaching it the right way, they can in fact still find ways to access the help they need when it matters most.

Consider your needs

The first step when finding an appropriate lawyer to represent you is to think carefully about your individual case. This way, you can approach only the lawyers who specialise in your area of interest and in some circumstances – notably those relating to personal injury, discrimination or healthcare – you will be granted their services on ‘contingency’; this means you can avoid upfront costs and will pay on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Consult loved ones

As with many things in life, it is often who you know rather than what you know and it is amazing how many of us are acquainted with people who work in the legal profession perhaps without even realising it. ‘Mates rates’ may sound odd when it comes to hiring a lawyer but if a friend or member of your family can either represent you themselves or utilise their contacts to find you cheaper legal assistance then it is an option worth considering.

Use the internet

The internet is a fantastic resource to help find out what legal services are available to you. By allowing you to do such things as practice filling out legal forms, ask questions free of charge to legal experts and search for free lawyers or clinics in your area, you can prepare yourself to handle the final case as quickly and efficiently as possible, therefore saving yourself time and money.

Search for free lawyers

Pro bono and legal aid are both options that can help many people on low incomes to afford their legal bills by either cutting or waiving the charges altogether. Failing that, many law firms and local courtrooms will offer drop-in services so that people can approach experts for advice on legal matters and several attorneys will advertise free consultations so that you can ask questions and seek guidance before committing yourself to hiring them.

Approach younger lawyers

Sometimes law schools will allow students – under the guidance of their tutors and legal professionals – to offer legal assistance to members of the public. They benefit from the direct experience while you benefit from free representation or the very least, greatly reduced fees. Even fully qualified lawyers who are less experienced will often charge far lower than their colleagues and so this is another worthwhile option to consider.


Due to the tough economic times of late, people have been finding ways to save money wherever they can, with legal fees being no exception. In fact, more people than ever are opting to represent themselves during divorces, cutting out the need to hire in professionals altogether. So if you can get hold of the necessary documents yourself and relations between both parties are agreeable enough to co-operate, then perhaps a DIY divorce could be the way forward.

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