Accidents that Are Eligible for Monetary Compensation

There is a vast grey area when it comes to knowing what sorts of accidents may be financially compensated and what sorts cannot. If you have been in an accident of some kind, one of your first thoughts may be – beyond the initial physical pain or bodily injury, of course – related to whether or not you can expect to be financially compensated for this inconvenience and suffering.

In some cases, for example, if the accident was very obviously your fault, was intentional, or was the result of personal risk of carelessness, then it is not likely that you will find yourself eligible for compensation. However, if the accident that you sustained was absolutely the fault of another party, took place on the property of your employer, or was somehow related to a factor that was out of your control, it is very likely that you will be able to receive a sum of money in return for your pain and trauma.

What Accidents Make Me Eligible for a Cash Payment?

There are a variety of accidents that may make you entitled to an insurance claim or other form of cash payback. Many of the obvious scenarios you will likely be aware of already. For instance, if you were in a motor accident in which the driver of another vehicle impacted your vehicle whilst you were standing still, it is absolutely the fault of the other motorist and you will likely be able to get cash compensation for your own bodily injury or any damage done to your automobile.

Likewise, accidents that occur on the job are another type of common event for which you ought to be compensated in full. This monetary sum is likely to include coverage for any medical expenses that you incurred as a direct result of the injury, as well as compensation for any lost earnings that you weren't able to gain due to being temporarily out of commission.

The Non Obvious Accidents for Which You May Gain Compensation

However, many people don't think about the less obvious accidents for which you still may be eligible to make a claim. How about accidents that occur as a result of a faulty product, for example, or accidents that occur in public places on public or private property? You may have had to suffer an itchy or burning throat and rushed to hospital after eating a mismarked packaged food that had gone on past its date of expiry. You may have slipped and fallen in a wet area of ground that was not well maintained or properly marked with a caution sign. Say this fall caused you immediate spinal problems that are now an ongoing issue within your body. Therefore, you may want to present the details of your case to a qualified solicitor or accident claims specialist in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation.

Pedestrian accidents are another common category of scenarios that you may not be sure about in regards to whether you ought to be compensated or not. Hit and run events happen frequently, to the severe detriment of the pedestrian involved, and are only claimed for part of the time. Additionally, the fifth of UK drivers who are uninsured wreak havoc on the accident claims platform, as they do not always own up to financial responsibility in the event that they have caused an accident to happen. The only party who can determine your legal obligation for financial remuneration is one of the many accident claims specialists located throughout the UK.  

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