Save on New Year's Eve Expenses by Planning Ahead

The holidays are typically the time of year when caution is thrown to the wind, the wallet is open and ample to every and all expenses, and the spirit of celebration and festivities overwhelms even the savviest of savers. In particular, New Year's Eve is one of the most raucous and bacchanalian nights of the year, when thousands of pounds are shelled out for fine champagne, fancy dresses and silver necklaces, and cab rides to and from parties of merry making. A payday loan could help you celebrate in style without eating into your monthly budget, just be sure to check the available rates.

However, if you are planning to start your year off right and you find yourself having to work within the framework of a budget for your New Year's, there are certainly ways that you can revel to the maximum and enjoy your midnight celebration without blowing your bank account (and still blowing the cork off the champagne bottle). Here are some tips and guidelines to follow for cutting down the costs of your New Year's celebrations while still keeping in the spirit and style of the season.

Stagger Your Champagne and Save

One of the most pricey expenses that is a certainty of any good New Year's festivities is the bubbly. But rather than buying several bottles of the finest champagne, try staggering your champagne consumption for you and your party guests by purchasing a bottle or two of the nice stuff for the beginning of the evening, and then purchasing the rest of your booze in bulk or with an eye for the least pricey bottles. That way, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the finest of drinks when it matters, and gradually work your way in to the less expensive alcohol for the latter portion of the evening. 

Most party hosts tend to err often on the side of excess food and party appetizers and snacks rather than not enough. Because of this, good food and money is wasted, as a decent portion of the eats are disposed of upon the morning after and the host is essentially throwing cash down the drain in their efforts to sustain their party guests. 

Drink at Home Before Going Out

Because the social consumption of alcohol is undoubtedly the most popular activity that is going to be taking place on New Year's Eve, one must watch one's wallet when it comes to buying rounds of drinks for you and – if you've had enough to drink and it's close enough to midnight – potentially the whole pub. Be armed with a game plan before the big night by planning on meeting up with mates at someone's house and then later going out when it's closer to countdown time rather than spending your whole night, and your whole budget, out at the pub.

Pre-gaming before the night out is the best way to save on your night of intoxication, as alcohol is generally marked up by a vast percentage and one drink is usually only enough to get you to hand over your check card and pay for a few more. So, watch out for this money trap and have a few drinks before you even leave the house. This way, you will end up spending less money out at the pub and will be able to enjoy a higher quality of beverage in the comfort of your own living room. 

If you are one to have a fancy dress party on New Year's, consider making your own outfit and decorations rather than buying a new set of duds just for the day. Festive accessories can be found on the cheap at the nearest pharmacy or even charity shop, and you will be a one of a kind looker in your New Year's get up.

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