Eco Property Houses - Houses Go Green

Mother Earth is becoming more sensitive to environmental pollution thus resulting in a kaleidoscope of alarming situations and raising the concerns for her protection. Though better late than never, people are taking precautions now, thus arising the trend of eco property houses. The concept of eco homes revolves around consumption of less energy for better living. Since ages, Mother Earth has been exposed to pollution resulting in the creation and flaring of the ozone hole, which in a way can lead to the doomsday prematurely. It is not unknown that on the poles, the ice has already started melting, raising the water level. It is high time we get sensitized about our environment or else the payback could be fatal.

The concept of eco-friendly houses is also getting infused in the real estate market, wherein the developers across countries are coming up with residential apartments following the features of the same, especially for the flats in Bangalore and other metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai etc.

Features of Eco Property houses

Solar Accessories

The Solar accessories includes solar panels which generates energy from sun rays and use it for keeping your house operational. This reduces the usage of electricity. There are solar cookers as well as cooking utensils through which you can cook food thus reducing the usage of LPG as well as the energy consumption

Appliances with star ratings

When you are shopping for your house appliances, don’t overlook the star ratings provided on them. It shows the energy consumption level of the appliances. The more the stars, the less the energy consumed and the more eco-friendly it is

Eco – friendly Gadgets

An eco – friendly house will always have eco – friendly gadgets like geysers, AC, showers, taps etc. which are designed in such a way that the water is not wasted and used smartly. Even the eco - friendly lamps like CFL and fans are installed in the houses to ensure that the level of energy consumption is within the limits

Interior designing to be done judiciously

The placement of the window or the door panel effect the cooling of the room. So, they need to be designed in such a way, that the room gets cooled faster, for instance, the panels of the windows or doors are arranged in sync with the doors and windows

Proper Ventilation

Proper Ventilation ensures that fresh air has been pumped in and is circulated to ensure the healthy ambience of the room

The concept of recycle

The concept of recycling is another aspect of eco – property houses, which ensures that everything can be recycled and reused. For instance, instead of disposing the tea leaves, they can be reused to make the kitchen garden soil more effective. Well, before putting it on your garden, you can refrigerate the tea leaves and use it as your eye pack to relieve stress from a long day at work

Eco – property houses are generally clasped with good greeneries which soothe the body, mind and soul. Many real estate developers ensure that the society has landscaped gardens and follow the standards of the eco property homes. Life is better when there is a touch of Mother Nature around you.

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