Get the Appliances you Need on a Budget

Home appliances can be one of the costliest purchases you make for your home. Refrigerators, washers and dryers, ranges, stoves, and even smaller necessities like toasters and microwaves can really drain your bank account. could help you comfortably afford these essential items without spending from your monthly budget. Quality investments can cost a great deal of money and are intended to be used for many years in a home. For that reason, people are often prepared to spend more than they need to collect house necessities. By following these tips below, however, you won’t have to drain your account to get what you need most for your home.

Look for Discounts on Appliances

In addition to simply finding the cheapest appliances you can through careful research in local stores and through the Internet, ask for specific discounted models in the stores. Slightly older models, ones which have been returned, or appliances that were “floor” models can cost a great deal less than ones which are “brand new.” Of course, you’ll want to look at the warranty information to make sure you can still return or get repaired your appliance should it break, but you can should really consider looking for the discounted model when possible. In general, the discounted models only differ from the newer, unopened models in how much less they cost.

Consider Smaller Local Shops or Outlet Stores

Although shoppers often feel the opposite is true, smaller local shops might be able to give you the best deal for your money. Often times, smaller stores get better deals from the manufacturers and can often haggle more on the price for the item. This is not to mention, of course, that you might even get better customer service from a smaller place and might even get better repairs and service on the appliances, which can save you money overall.

Outlet stores are another option to consider when shopping. These stores often feature appliances in bulk and can offer some better deals on the items. In addition to more options with appliances, they also regularly feature older models, scratched or dented items, and opened/returned items that still work. Do some extra research when you are shopping to see if there is an outlet center near you; if so, this could be one of the best ways to save money on these purchases.

Shop Around the Holidays

Unlike many other products, appliances are purchased year round, regardless of the season. For this reason, they are likely on sale throughout the year, particularly around the holidays. Before and after Christmas and the New Year are good times for appliance shopping as are other major holidays. At the end of the year, retailers are making space for the newer models and need to clear the old ones, so you can find some great deals to take advantage of. As mentioned earlier, though, appliances go on sale year round—around holidays or not—if you look for the right deals and focus on all available retailers.

Consider Energy Saving Options

Much of the energy expenditure in the home comes from appliance use. With this in mind, you should really consider getting energy efficient appliances that will help save money on your bills. These appliances might be more costly up front, but will ultimately help you to save money over time. Often times, the money you save on your bills will help you “pay for” the energy efficient appliance you just purchased and more. Ultimately, an energy efficient appliance can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in bills. Couple this will multiple energy saving appliances in the home and you could be saving more money than you ever thought was possible. As with any purchase, think about the long term costs and savings when making a purchase. 

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