Is Insurance in God’s Plan?

Insurance is a means of protecting ourselves against the unforeseen and unknown. But this might seem a little unusual to those in our communities who believe that the Lord provides as much guidance and protection as we should ever need. In fact, some might even argue that insurance is a deception; a means of tricking us into believing that we can get along quite well without faith.

Nevertheless, insurance is a fact of life for the majority of people in the developed world and in some cases it is mandatory – such as when driving a vehicle. No matter whether or not the individual might believe that insurance is unscriptural, the reality is that we are required to have it. And in some cases, insurance can actually do a lot of good.

Looking to the Scripture

In Job 1:21, it is said that Job lost his family, his business and all of his worldly possessions. Despite his misfortunes, however, he still blesses the name of the Lord and said ‘naked shall I return thither’. Job knew that no matter his lot in life, the Lord would be there to take care of him in both life and death. We can see here that Job’s faith prevailed over any kind of need to protect himself against the future – which has been ordained by God.

Casting the Net Wider

Job’s faith is to be admired, however we know that this verse is just one of many verses within the Bible which speak to the matters of faith and social or legal integration. We might look at Job and think, insurance is not needed as long as we have faith. Yet Romans 14:5 encourages us to think for ourselves and Joseph’s careful planning was able to save his family from crisis and protect the lineage of Christ (Genesis 41). It may be the case, therefore, that insurance is something of a grey area which will – inside of the law – require careful individual consideration.

Thinking About Insurance

If you do decide to purchase insurance for you or your family, it’s important to seek out a provider whose vision and ethics suit your own. There are plenty of providers to choose from and some, such as Axa, offer a wide range of different insurance types for a ‘one stop shop’ which is easy and convenient. If you’re unsure, consult with your church. You may find that other members of your congregation have struggled with the same issue and can provide you with useful advice.

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