Low-key Inexpensive Innovative Business Ideas to Try Out

With today’s competitive industry with the drive to leave a positive impact in the world, many entrepreneurs struggle to generate new and creative ideas for their business. It’s simply not enough to launch your own business without bringing something new to the table.

Just like the idea of business itself, coming up with a striking business idea is a trial and error process, which will involve a lot of pitching ideas and weighing of pros and cons. Here are five business ideas that might spark inspiration.

Social crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been a booming enterprise for social entrepreneurs today. Just like microlending, social crowdfunding allows these entrepreneurs to collect money to fund their projects. By creating a social crowdfunding platform that promises low fees and interest rates, it’s easier to link cause projects to those who are with similar interests so they may be able to fund them.

Meal-to-go deliveries

Get your cooking prowess out of the kitchen and start making a profit out of it. If you are fond of making meal preparations in advance for yourself or for your kids, you can also do so for others and sell them for a mark-up price. Another business idea is to create healthy options for individuals who are health-conscious yet simply lack the time and effort to create nutritious meals.

Internet trainer

There are still a huge population of folks who have no single clue how the internet works, especially including seniors and retirees. If you have the expertise and a lot of time and patience, being an internet teacher can be a great business. Be it through workshops or one-on-one courses, there’s a lot to learn for your clients.  

Testing kits seller

With how the world is closing in legalizing the use of medicial marijuana, a lot of companies today have mandated drug testing their workers. However, laboratory services of the said test can be quiet expensive. This is the very reason why they usually utilize testing kits for this kind of activity. Being a testing kit seller, like Testclear, doesn’t require much capital.

There’s only one way to get this kind of business booming; there’s a need to know the demand of each industry of such a material. You have to study the behaviour, news, as well as the request of such test before you can actually introduce the idea out there.

Bed and breakfast

This is an especially lucrative business when you are located near a tourist destination. If you have an extra space at home, make use of it by renting it out. There are a lot of web platforms that puts such businesses into the market, such as Airbnb or You can also extend your services by hosting your guests for tours around the area.

With all these promising business ideas to try, it’s easy to lose track of what you really want—which is really the most important factor to consider when looking for the right business to start. Find out what you are truly passionate in first, and the rest will follow.

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