Overcoming Mental Stresses of Stock Trading

Stock trading is very much a mental game.  First-time traders need the confidence to make a decision.  Traders have to deal with the consequences if a decision does not work out.  They need to re-evaluate their strategy to get back on top.

Mental Pressures

Stress can affect the performance of a trader and the ability to make decisions.  The bottom line may be impacted if a trader is unable to handle mental pressures.  There are a few principals to successfully attain peak performance.

Principle #1

It is important for traders to be passionate about their work.  They need to have fun with it and not let performance pressure get to them.  The day can be full of statistics, percentages, trades, wins, and loses.  The only thing that really matters is if there is a profit at the end of the month.  It is not necessarily about winning.  It is about continuing to learn the process and technique.  Traders will prosper over others if with practice. As a trader, you can network with other traders via social trading. On most social trading platforms, traders can follow other traders, copy their trade and communicate with each other. This can bring more fun factor to trading.

Principle #2

A trader needs to have confidence to succeed.  While some people are naturally confident, others develop it over time.  Many people gain their confidence by researching and developing methodologies.  After back testing their systems, they change or modify them to make it their own.   Some listen to the news, other traders, or their friends to analyze and develop their own stock trading spreadsheet.  Analyzing stocks also entails studying the bad times by adjusting what went wrong.  By eliminating the problems traders will be able to get the money back that they lost.  Each day is a new day because the markets close when the day is over, allowing traders to start over.

Principle #3

The last principle is attitude.  Attitude is important when dealing with difficult situations.  The market can be difficult between the ups and downs and the flat times.  It is almost impossible to stay on top so a dip in the market is expected.  It is the attitude of a trader that allows them to handle the grind of stock trading.     


The best way to handle mental pressures is to master all three principles.  Anyone can be a day trader with hard work and perseverance.  People that do no believe in themselves will never be successful.  Those who do believe they can come out on top will find a way to develop their skills and become a successful stock trader. 

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