Some Creative Instagram Posting Strategies for Graphic Designers

Are you a professional graphic designer struggling to make your presence felt in the online market? Most graphic designers do not consider showcasing their work on Instagram. They fail to realize that Instagram is a powerful resource to reach out to the targeted market. If you are looking for work, many businesses search Instagram for hiring graphic designers for their projects. This means if you are not on Instagram you will be missing out on many work opportunities.

Why should you be on Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform. Graphic design is visual and to reach out to your targeted audience, you need to share images of your work. There are more than 800 million users on Instagram today. This means you can tap into this audience with your work. Instagram has a very simple interface. It is a mobile application you can download on your smartphone. You can upload images as you travel. You can access your account at any time. Instagram is easy to learn. These are just some of the key reasons why you should be on Instagram for showcasing your work as a skilled graphic designer. 

Creative tips for a social media posting strategy on Instagram

Given below are some creative tips you can use as a graphic designer for posting on social media-

  1. Geo-tagging- As a graphic designer, it is obvious you will target the local market. Instagram gives you the advantage of geotagging your posts so that you can reach out to the targeted audience easily. Clients and employers search for local graphic designers. They always use Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to search for graphic designers in the region. Since Instagram is a visual platform, they not only look for graphic designers here but also check online portfolios. As a graphic designer, showcase your best work on Instagram. All the images on your Instagram portfolio should be clean, clear and tailor-made to your specific industry. If you are new to Instagram, create a compelling bio with a link to your projects and work. Make sure you have a good profile picture. If you do not have any followers, buy them from Use relevant hashtags and captions. They should be short, powerful and simple.
  1. Use videos over still-images- Videos are more powerful over still images. The good news is Instagram gives you the power of video sharing. Online visitors do not have the time to read content. They are busy. Instagram uses visuals to attract targeted clients. This means as a graphic designer; you do not have to be good with words when you are showcasing your work on Instagram. Hashtags should comprise of keywords and captions can be short. What is essential, however, is the quality of the videos you post. Make sure they highlight your core business message. Your video will make its impact in the first 5 to 6 seconds. Instagram videos are short, and they last for 15-30 seconds. This social media platform is suitable for story-telling. Make sure you use the Instagram Story feature. The video should be posted under this feature. Instagram Stories last for 24 hours, and it appears on the top of your network's newsfeed. A good video shared on Instagram Story is visible for a short span of time. This will prompt your network to share the video online quickly. More shares mean more views.
  1. Comment and tag- If you wish to reach out to specific clients or brands, comment on their posts and tag them in yours. This promotes them to notice you and build a rapport with you. Once you start interacting with the targeted audience, chances of getting hired are more. When you tag your targeted audience in your posts, make sure they are your best work. The post should be creative and engaging at the same time. No one likes boring posts. Keep that in mind when you are sharing your best work with specific clients and brands.
  1. Commentary- Post a commentary about your posts. You can give your targeted audience an insight into behind the scenes. Pick a unique piece of work from your work portfolio. Highlight its salient features and post comments on it. This will help you to attract attention. You can also post a video and run a commentary on it. This helps you to be creative and reach out to your targeted audience faster. When you are running a commentary keep your core business message in mind. You should keep the posts colorful with a good layout. You are a graphic designer, and you must focus on sharing your best images. Images should be edited if needed. The theme should be consistent and tailor-made to convey your business message to your targeted audience correctly.
  1. Be regular and schedule your posts on time- Most graphic designers ask themselves this question-when is it the best time to post your work? Experts in the field say there is no best time to post your work. Check when your targeted audience is active the most. Share your posts at that time. This will promote likes and shares quickly. Be responsive to your audience if they comment on your posts. If you are actively involved in a conversation with your targeted audience, this helps you to create trust and credibility. Be prompt when you are replying to them. It is advised that you check your Instagram page at least three times a day to track comments and reply to them.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that with an Instagram social media posting strategy, you can reach out to the targeted audience better. Be creative and ensure that you always post your best work. Make use of creative images and videos. Post regularly and respond to comments.  Use relevant hashtags and make the captions engaging. With these tips, you will get a competitive edge in the market. You no longer have to struggle to get noticed! 

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