Straight Answers on Paternity Testing

When the paternity of a child is called into question, it can have all kinds of effects on every person involved. There may be pressure on the grandparents, stress on the alleged father, stress on the mother, and even stress on the child involved. Some people might choose to wallow through this stress because even the thought of an actual paternity test seems too expensive. A home paternity test cost might be more affordable than many people think. When you weigh the affordability with the advantages—privacy, convenience, and getting answers to questions—a home test from a reliable company makes a lot of sense - see more at


Some types of paternity testing can become quite expensive. Depending on where you go, you may need to pay a fee to visit a clinic in addition to laboratory fees. When you take a paternity test at home, you mostly need to worry about shipping your kit to the lab and paying the lab fees. Depending on who you go through and if you purchase it at the right time, the paternity test cost for one alleged father and one child could be about $78 plus shipping.


When you choose to have your testing done through a reliable company, home paternity test results are still private. There is no going to a clinic or seeing any technicians face to face. It is all done in your home, then mailed off to the testing service. Other than those involved with the testing, no one else needs to know. The results are then mailed to you, where you can review them privately. You can also often request that any test samples that you send in are destroyed once the testing is complete.


It can sometimes be difficult to get everyone with an interest in a child’s paternity to cooperate. Even when cooperation abounds, timing and scheduling can be difficult. A home test is convenient because you can do it any time at home. There’s no need to coordinate everyone meeting up at a clinic or lab. It takes just a few minutes to collect the samples. After that, it is a simple matter of mailing the samples to the lab.

Questions Answered

Some of the lesser-known benefits of a home paternity test is that questions get answered and you have peace of mind. There is no longer a need for anyone to worry, stress, or doubt a child’s paternity when the opportunity to find out is right there. Everyone in the child’s life—including the child—can focus on moving forward.

When the paternity of a child is questioned, it can cause all kinds of problems. There is no need to sit in doubt when the paternity test cost is so affordable and there are so many other benefits to getting such a question answered. Should you choose to use a home paternity test, select one from a reliable company that will keep your information private and produce reliable results. Remember also that in some cases, further testing may be necessary. The testing may need to be done a certain way depending on where you live and if the results are to be used in court. To give you some peace of mind, however, a reliable home testing kit can get the job done.

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