Travel Philippines – the tourist's trusted app

In the city of Manila, the Department of Tourism (DoT) along with its marketing arm, the Tourism Promotions Board developed an application in partnership with inclusion tech venture builder, HIMO Global Inc.

 The newly launched application named “Travel Philippines” is a web-based application that will keep tourists updated with information on the status of the recently re-opened tourist destinations.

 The app will act as a digital-one-stop point for planning leisure trips under the ‘new normal’ of our present times. The app is easy to use and users can easily create itineraries, securely store their travel documents and find up to date information on their favorite tourist destinations. 

First steps towards revival of tourism

Tourism secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, in a virtual conference on Friday, said, “as we continue to re-open the country's tourism destinations, Travel Philippines timely serves as every tourist’s official guide to safe and fun travel.” She also added that despite the ever-changing needs and challenges in travel that came about as a result of the pandemic, Travel Philippines will help both local and foreign tourists to have a much safer and memorable travel experience amidst the new normal.

 During the launch, six major tourist destinations were featured in the Travel Philippines app. They include Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, Baguio, Ilocos Norte, and Metro Manila. There will be regular updates on the app, not just on these six locations, but also on other tourist locations as well, as more will be added as time goes on. 

 Travel Philippines will contain not just the basic information about these destinations, but also the latest protocols on health and safety as they are being implemented in those locations. This information will be sourced directly from their respective local tourist offices. Users can also enjoy other features of the app such as bookmarking of locations that they’ve read about within the app and also plan out their schedule based on what they prefer.

 Boarding passes, hotel reservations, medical certificates, and other important documentation can be uploaded as digital copies onto the user’s account on the Travel Philippines app. With all this important and personal information being stored on this app, it is normal for users to worry about the security of their personal information.

Travel Philippines guarantees the safety 

The president of HIMO Global Inc. and CEO of Talino Venture Labs, Winston Damarillo, was quick to assure users that the application is secured and that their privacy would be protected.

  He was quoted as saying, "All the data that you'll put in the app will only be on your phone. It won't be stored in a server that can be hacked anywhere else and your data could only be transmitted if you want to." The app’s encryption is designed to allow users to create a ‘go-to folder’ where all their documents and forms will be securely stored and they can access this folder even without an internet connection.

 Romulo-Puyat is hopeful in the meanwhile that both local and foreign tourists would find the app useful in their future trips. She said that the Travel Philippines app marks a continued push by the DoT to breathe new life into the tourism industry which has been critically affected by the pandemic by promoting safe and responsible travel.

 “We look forward to seeing both domestic and international tourists use Travel Philippines in their future trips.”

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