Why Do You Need an Insurance Broker

If you are looking for insurance coverage for yourself, your family, your properties and many others, you have a lot of options to choose from. People also have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to their insurance providers because they are now being offered by insurance companies, individual insurance brokers and even financial institutions.

If you are considering talking to an insurance broker like motor trade insurance specialists in Perth, here are the things you need to know about them and why you need to reach out to them.

What is an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker serves as the middleman between the insured (the client) and the insurance company they wish to deal with. They can determine which insurance policies will fit your needs and budget and then negotiate them with an insurance company.

Insurance brokers also deal with several insurance companies, allowing them to offer advice to clients about which insurance company has the insurance they need. If you are working with a budget, they can help you get the best insurance that will fit your budget.

Reasons Why You Need an Insurance Broker

  • They focus on your needs, not of a certain company’s needs

Insurance brokers are not connected to a certain company. Their independence enables them to work with various insurance companies and find the best deals for their clients. They will consider their client’s needs and recommend the right insurance policy that will work for it. They can also negotiate with insurance companies if their clients need specific insurance coverage.

If you reached out to an insurance agent, they are limited to the products of the company they represent. They also can’t pick out the best insurance coverage for your needs since the policies they offer are not accurate.

  • They are professional when it comes to their services

Insurance brokers talk to a variety of insurance companies and financial institutions to ensure that they can recommend options for their clients. They also deal with various clients who have different insurance requirements, some may even be hard to deal with. Since these different groups, they know how to deal with all sorts of people and stay professional throughout your discussions. They will guide you through the entire process and explain every concern you may have over your chosen insurance policy. They can even help you make a claim if you have to use your insurance policy, as well as ask insurance companies certain points about their coverage.

As an additional protection for clients, insurance brokers are bound by a contract with you. Your contract with them will protect you from any liability and any dishonest conduct they do towards you.

  • They are licensed to help you with your insurance needs and concerns

Not everyone can be an insurance broker, especially with the amount of money that these insurance policies will release when a claim is made. Insurance brokers are required to take a certification exam to ensure that they can reach out to clients professionally and understand all the obligations they are required to follow as insurance brokers. They must also have the right background to help clients understand all their insurance concerns and constantly stay up-to-date with the insurance industry.

  • They will protect your privacy

As mentioned above, insurance brokers are bound under contract to ensure that their client’s needs are met. Their contract also guarantees that every client’s personal and financial details are protected and keep the discussions in private.

  • They are transparent when it comes to their rates and how it will affect your monthly insurance payments

Finally, insurance brokers are required to be transparent when it comes to their commission and how it will affect your premiums. Usually, compensation for insurance brokers is included in the insurance premiums and brokers are required to explain this through a written statement once clients sign up for their insurance. The statement will show the breakdown of the insurance premium and how much the commission will be. For customers who are on a budget, knowing the breakdown of their insurance premiums will help them make the right decision in choosing the best insurance plan.

Brokers will also be required to tell clients of their ties with certain insurance companies if they are affiliated with some of them. For example, if they own stocks for a certain insurance company, they have to declare it to you.


When you reach out to an insurance broker, you know that your needs will be looked after. They will be able to help you get the right insurance coverage you need and offer you the right advice to help you make the right decision. It will also open your doors to other insurance companies you may not have heard before, especially if they have the insurance plans that you need. Visit  Matrix Insurance today and find the best insurance broker to help you out with your insurance needs.

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